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Products and Services

Income Protection

Income Protection is important for anyone who participates in sporting activity and also relies on their income to support themselves and their family. Income protection is vital in the event you are injured playing sport and are unable to work due to this injury. 94% of Income Protection policies will not cove er sporting injuries. Player Protection specialise in sporting injuries and policies are designed specifically for athletes at all levels.


Example: Michael Turner works as an electrician, he earns $84,000 yearly.


Michael plays rugby union in Brisbane and has taken out income protection. During the season he is injured playing at Sunnybank Rugby Club on a Saturday, (outside of his work commitments). Under the ARU’s insurance policy, he would have only received a maximum of $134 per week. Under his own specialised income protection policy with Player Protection he was covered for this sporting injury and received a monthly payment of $5200. Michael would continue to receive this payment until he is ready to go back to work.

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Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

Total and Permanent Disability cover is also important to anyone participating in sporting activity in Australia. TPD cover is important to consider as it will provide coverage should you become permanently disabled whilst participating in your chosen sport.


Example: Steve Barkley works as a sales manager, he earns $126,000 annually.


Steve plays semi-professional rugby league for the Newtown Jets. After taking advice from Player Protection, Steve took out TPD cover for $1.6 million. Steve broke his neck playing rugby league, while Steve was able to continue to walk and had the ability to do light duties Steve was not able to continue do his current job. Steve received the $1.6 million payout. If Steve did not have the policy in place he would’ve received nothing from New South Wales Rugby League.

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Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover relates to both Professional and amateur athletes and is a very important part of anyone’s financial plan, providing cover for illness and loss of independence. Should an individual be diagnosed with cancer or experience an event such as a heart attack this is where trauma cover can benefit an individual.


Example: Ben Thompson is a professional athlete playing in the Super 15 and earns $300,000 annually.


Ben is diagnosed with Testicular cancer and is required to receive Chemotherapy keeping him out of the game until he recovers. At point of diagnoses Ben will receive a payout of $2 million regardless of weather he recovers and returns to the professional sporting arena. Ben’s family now have the ability to continue their current standard of living and Ben also has access to the best treatment in the world. Trauma cover is the most affordable insurance globally. Professional athletes are at just as much risk as the general public when it comes to trauma events and needs to be considered. clubs are not liable to continue to pay an athlete should they be diagnosed and be not able to play or train.

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Consolidation of Superannuation

Athletes seem to forget that their superannuation is their money and needs to be protected and invested correctly.


All of our clients recieve a free health check regarding their super and how it is performing for them.


Along with this most people have multiple super funds which are being absorbed by fee’s within the funds, therefore we consolidate our clients super making sure it is all in one manageable fund that is suited to their individual investment profile.

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Professional Athlete's - NRL ,Super 15, A-League, AFL

Player Protection specialise in providing insurance for professional athlete’s all over the world. We currently help athlete’s in the NRL, Super 15, A-League, AFL, Cricket Australia, Netball Queensland, Japanese Rugby and the English Premier League.


Player Protection tailor products to suit every individual athlete.






Contingency Policy:

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