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About Player Protection

Player Protection provide advice regarding insurance to athletes at both an amateur and professional level. We ensure both the athlete and their families are financially secure should injury or illness occur. Player Protection can assist whether the athlete is injured while playing, training or experiences health issues in everyday life. Our director, Lachlan Hall has extensive experience in the sporting arena, having previously been a part of the Sydney Roosters organisation and also spending time playing Rugby League in the QLD Cup. Since he retired he has gained considerable experience in the retail and marketing sector. Lachlan has experienced first hand the limited financial advice given in both amateur and professional sport; this being one of the reasons Player Protection was founded.

Whether you choose to play recreationally or at a sen-professional level, Player Protection can provide a full tailored package to suit all your personal and family needs if you are injured playing your chosen sport. Should you sustain an injury while playing sport, the ability to replace your income while you rehabilitate and recover will give you and your loved ones peace of mind. If this period is rushed because of financial pressure, lasting or permanent damage can occur. Player Protection will allow you to receive expert treatment and time to heal which is critical for you and your family. One of the unique benefits of Player Protection is that the premiums also act as standard income protection, ensuring you are covered not only for sport but for everyday life as well. Lachlan’s goal at Player Protection is to ensure no athlete ever has to give up the sport they love due to potential financial stress.

If you play sport professionally, Player Protection recognises that in the event you experience a career ending injury there is no coverage in place. There is only coverage for catastrophic injuries which is still limited.  The coverage and support from your governing sporting body is minimal so Player Protection now specialise in providing coverage for all professional athletes participating in the NRL, Super 15, AFL, A-League and all overseas professionals. Player protection currently provide coverage for multiple high profile athletes all over the world from Japanese Rugby to the New Zealand All-Blacks.

Player Protection was started when after retiring from sport himself in 2010, Lachlan witnessed a huge amount of career ending injuries through sport and in most cases, no insurance plan or financial advice had been given. Player Protection was founded to raise awareness and provide athletes at all levels advice as to what they are entitled to and what insurance they should have in place in the event they lose their income or become permanently or partially disabled due to sporting injury or illness.

We are an Australian company operating out of Brisbane, offering the highest levels of service and we pride ourselves on ensuring complete transparency in all areas of our business. Along with our call centre, Lachlan deals with most claims himself and all general enquiries.

If you would like to find out what coverage your club/organisation provides you with or if you need professional advice as to what cover you should have in place Lachlan is available at all hours on 04 0117 5722.

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